Lumeta is now a subsidiary of FireMon!

FireMon, a global leader in network security policy management, today announced the company has reached an agreement to purchase Lumeta Corporation

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Don't Buy Into All of the IoT Security Hype!

Lumeta Spectre is the BEST solution today for identifying, monitoring and securing critical IP-enabled IoT/ICS infrastructure in real-time.

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Cut Through the Fog to Secure the Cloud!

Lumeta Spectre helps you achieve full infrastructure visibility and real-time monitoring seamlessly across BOTH on-premise and cloud environments.

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Don’t Fall Victim to GDPR Induced Panic!

Reduce your cyber security risk, protect against breaches and get closer to achieving GDPR compliance with Lumeta Spectre.

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Our Products

Lumeta’s cyber situational awareness platform is the unmatched source for
enterprise network infrastructure analytics and security monitoring for breach detection.

Lumeta Spectre

Unparalleled real-time network visibility for virtual, cloud, mobile & software-defined networks.
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Lumeta Spectre for IoT/ICS

Unmatched visibility and threat monitoring for IoT/ICS Networks.
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Our Powerful Features

That make our solutions different from the crowd

Network Infrastructure Visibility and Analytics

Finding 100% of your Blind Spots and Monitoring truly in REAL-TIME for dynamic changes at the network edge, in the network core, across connected endpoints, virtual infrastructure, and fully extending into the cloud.

Breach Detection

Leveraging the latest threat intelligence to hunt for anomalous network behavior, unauthorized network flows, including encrypted flows, and communications purported by malicious actors.

Network Segmentation Analytics

Monitoring for leak paths to the Internet, segmentation violations across or in between firewalled enclaves, and unauthorized network movement or accessing for network resources.


Do network segmentation violations exist on your network?

Lumeta Spectre provides real-time discovery of a network. It's used by network operations teams to gain visibility into real-time network topology changes and receive alerts for out-of-policy events such as network segmentation breaches.

Are you able to discover unfamiliar or unknown networks?

Lumeta’s visibility extends beyond the initial “known” list of devices. Lumeta crawls the network using a combination of conventional and unique discovery methods to uncover all connections, devices and potential leak paths.

Are network management tools giving you sufficient information?

Network management tools lack network crawling capabilities and cybersecurity anomaly analysis. Lumeta achieves a more holistic view of the network and can provide cybersecurity network situational awareness.

Already using network management tools, SIEM, etc.?

Integrating Lumeta with network management tools, SIEM, IPS, GRC, etc. lets you maximize the value of your investments, extending visibility to the complete enterprise, eliminating gaps in coverage that may leave you exposed.

Are you evaluating a network for a merger or acquisition?

Lumeta IPsonar provides a point-in-time, on demand network “snapshot.” It's used during M&A activities to gain comprehensive knowledge of merged, acquired and divested networks.

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Our Customers

Lumeta clients include many Fortune Global 500 companies in sectors like finance and banking, high-technology, manufacturing, healthcare — as well as US and international government organizations.

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