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  • Lumeta IPsonar: point-in-time network snapshots (for audit, compliance, etc.)
  • Lumeta ESI: real-time monitoring (for NOC/SOC, cloud, virtualization teams, etc.)

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Network Situational Awareness
for security, compliance
and availability.

The world's most complex IT environments, including global financial institutions and the US Department of Defense, use Lumeta to discover everything there is to know about their networks.

Lumeta can profile tens of thousands of devices. But who's counting?

Lumeta has the only solution available that provides visibility into every IP asset, host, node, and connection on the network.

Lumeta sees everything so you can secure everything.

Our patented, award-winning technology is the world's most widely deployed network discovery solution.

In today’s world of complex and ever-increasing cyber threats, you need to be prepared.
Lumeta's network situational awareness platform is the authoritative
source for enterprise network infrastructure and cybersecurity analytics.

Our Clients

Lumeta provides solutions for clients across the globe in sectors like defense, banking & finance, healthcare, pharma, high-tech, manufacturing, media and more.

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Lumeta & Government

Through our work with DISA since 2003 and the Department of Defense,Lumeta has supported the U.S. Government's cybersecurity mission.

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Customer Support

Lumeta’s experienced technical support specialists provide responsive assistance. Direct phone and email access is there for you.

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Discover how Lumeta is different from other network security and management products you might already have or are considering adding to your network.

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