About Lumeta

Today’s large enterprises function in an ever-expanding IP space where it can be difficult to have a handle on every network connection, host, and active IP on the network. Because of the constant state of change, the exponentially growing number of connected devices in the enterprise can fall outside of the watchful eye of security management where serious threats can emerge.


66% of the Fortune 500 CEOs think cybersecurity is their company’s greatest challenge.

Fortune, Editor’s Desk, June 15, 2015


In this world of advanced and complex cyber threats, Lumeta empowers information security professionals with the industry’s most comprehensive network situational awareness solutions. The accurate and timely intelligence Lumeta provides on network architecture, network segmentation and cybersecurity analytics allows our clients to validate IT policies, analyze the connectivity between assets and networks, uncover risk patterns and policy weaknesses, and proactively secure their critical assets. Lumeta is the foundation for a healthy, secure network.

Our Clients

Lumeta cyber situational awareness solutions are time-tested and widely deployed on many of the largest networks in the world. Our clients include Fortune Global 500 companies – in banking, insurance and financial services; healthcare and pharmaceuticals; technology, manufacturing, media and other sectors – as well as global government/defense/intelligence organizations. Lumeta ‘s clients are generally either large, geographically dispersed organizations who run highly complex networks, where the network and the data on it is particularly valuable or sensitive in nature; or organizations whose networks are subject to a high level of scrutiny, regulation or have demands for high availability. Lumeta also assists organizations joining or divesting networks during their M&A activities.

Our Partners

Lumeta has long standing partnerships with several of the largest global systems integrators, multinational advisory services organizations, and select network management and security value-added resellers. Lumeta supports open standards for the interoperability of security solutions and has many long-standing technology integration partners.

Our Management Team

Lumeta is a privately held company, with offices in New Jersey and operations throughout the world. The management team brings proven executive leadership skills, a diverse level of industry contacts, and expertise that is essential to solidifying strategic partnerships and executing an aggressive time-to-market plan in the network management and security markets.