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Lumeta IPv4 Internet Mapping Project: First started in 1998 at Bell Labs where scientists developed the first generation of the project, Lumeta has been mapping the Internet every day since the company spun out of Bell Labs in 2000. The Internet Mapping Project acquires Internet topological information over time. This data has been used in the study of routing problems and changes, DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks, graph theory, the effects of war and geopolitical events on communications infrastructure and more.

IPv6 Internet: Since 2005, Lumeta has been charting the growth of the IPv6 Internet. Having developed native IPv6 Internet discovery technology, Lumeta's research team continues to map the global growth of the IPv6 Internet daily, exploring a variety of technologies for the next generation Internet.

Additional Research: Lumeta's research team also conduct additional research into Internet routing trends, network discovery scanning techniques, and a variety of other technology projects. The team drives innovation that is then fulfilled by the product development team and deployed on some of the world's largest networks.

Gallery of Selected Internet Research