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Lumeta Product Suite: Network Situational Awareness


Lumeta is the world's most widely deployed network situational awareness solution for large, geographically distributed organizations.

Lumeta's patented, award-winning technology “crawls” a network to discover all pathways and devices connected to the network. It also maps every IP asset, host and node on the network, giving CIOs, CSOs and CISOs a clear view of risks and policy violations arising from network changes. Such changes include the addition of new devices, access to supply chain and other 3rd party vendors, modifications in remote access, changes resulting from IT consolidations, and infrastructure updates.

Today's distributed, ever-changing IT environments require complete visibility into the network in order to maintain security, compliance and availability. The exponential growth of IP-enabled devices in the enterprise means that IT organizations are supporting a wider variety of devices. As new devices connect to the enterprise network, they bring with them unique security issues, necessitating comprehensive network visibility.

Our products and services:

Lumeta IPsonar

IPsonar has a 4-phase discovery methodology which discovers every asset on a network, including assets not currently under management and maps the connectivity between assets and networks.

Lumeta ESI

The hybrid active/passive discovery in ESI (Enterprise Situational Intelligence) will offer comprehensive network visibility through active baselines seamlessly coupled with real-time, instant discovery of new routes, paths and devices around the network.

Lumeta Advisor

A solution for our partners, Advisor is specifically designed to be used within their individual client engagements such as network risk assessments, audits, consolidation projects, and M&A advisory services.

Cloud Services

Both IPsonar and ESI are available as SaaS offerings hosted in the Lumeta Cloud.

Professional Services & Training

Lumeta provides a complete range of professional services – including processes, best practices, tools and training – to help clients maximize return on investment in the Lumeta technology.

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