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Real-time, network and endpoint context-driven visibility and security monitoring

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Spectre for IoT/ICS

Real-time, IP network and device visibility and security monitoring for critical infrastructure

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Spectre for Leak Path Monitoring

Identify and remediate ALL new and already existing leak paths and segmentation violations in real-time

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Passive & Active Techniques

Lumeta Spectre hunts for anomalies using a combination of passive indexing (listening) and active indexing techniques – in context – to provide real-time updates as a network is changing. It identifies devices as they come onto the network (as well as other devices connected beyond the newly discovered ones).

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Recursive Network Indexing

Lumeta Spectre uses a unique recursive cycle of targeting, discovering, tracing, monitoring, profiling, and displaying a network. Recursive network indexing and the various multisource identification techniques used by Spectre provide intelligence regarding network segmentation and network architecture: What network enclaves are able to reach others? What are the ‘unknowns’ in the network? What does the network really look like? What devices are attached to the network and how? Does this violate policy?

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Foundational Intelligence

Lumeta’s cyber situational awareness platform delivers foundational intelligence – a critical underpinning for network security Defense in Depth strategies to be truly effective.

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Network Infrastructure Analytics

  • Validate and reconcile address space
  • Resolve network edge
  • Authoritative device census, profiling
  • Examine certificates (self-signed, expired)

Breach Detection Analytics

  • TCP/UDP port usage violations (RDP, FTP)
  • Outbound access to TOR, command & control botnets
  • Internal use of known Trojan, malware ports
  • Zombie hunting

Network Segmentation Analytics

  • Find any unknown networks
  • Find any non-responding networks
  • Layer 3 leak path violations
  • Layer 2 violations of bridging/forwarding (multi-homed hosts & split tunneling)