PS, Training & Certification

Lumeta offers a full portfolio of Professional Services that organizations can customize according to their needs. This set of services is designed to help clients maximize return on investment; learn recommended processes and best practices; educate users; perform network assessments, integrate Lumeta products with other network and security software; and other services to address skill and knowledge gaps and create an effective network situational awareness program.

Professional services are delivered by Lumeta consultants or our Partners – proven security and network management experts. Lumeta consultants bring unique knowledge to each engagement, gleaned from our experience working with some of the world’s largest, most complex networks.

Professional Services Packages

Lumeta Network Assessment

Network Situational Awareness begins with a network baseline to understand the infrastructure in its totality. The Lumeta Network Assessment professional services package is a quick and effective way to establish a network baseline. Deliverables include the scope of IP address space in use; visibility to the edge of your network; an end-point inventory by volume and type; a Layer 3 network topology map; and a weighted analysis of network vulnerabilities.

Lumeta Edge

A network view from an external perspective is necessary to protect systems against cyber attacks. The Lumeta Edge professional services offering is an effective way to gain this outside perspective. With the Lumeta Edge you’ll understand your external network topology; define the boundary of your managed network; know the presence of all Internet-facing devices; assess the device type, OS, and model of external devices; and more.

Lumeta Kick Start

Through the Lumeta Kick Start service, new clients can leverage Lumeta experts to make a new Lumeta IPsonar and/or Lumeta ESI installation as effective as possible during the first 30 days. With this service, Lumeta assists with installation and deployment of solution components, sets up initial system configurations, and analyzes results of initial scans. In addition, with Lumeta Kick Start, professional services consultants provide guidance on best practices for optimal performance in a client network.

Lumeta Tune Up

The Lumeta Tune Up service provides existing clients with a thorough analysis of their current Lumeta deployments to verify that the Lumeta products are configured for optimal performance, in order to ensure they are getting the maximum value from the investment in the products. Lumeta consultants will assist with upgrades to the latest software, validate the system deployment for maximum effectiveness, review and optimize scan configurations to align with business goals, and provide guidance on best practices – delivering a “Lumeta Tune Up Recommendations” report at the conclusion of the engagement.


Training & Certification

Customizable training and certification courses are available to ensure client staff can efficiently develop and manage a network situational awareness program, as well as operate Lumeta’s suite of products.

Training can be delivered online, at the Lumeta facility or at the client location – one-on-one session or in group sessions. Lumeta professional services staff serve as instructors. Options include:

  • Administration: Administrators gain core knowledge for setup and use of Lumeta products, including user and sensor management. The course begins with an overview of IPsonar/ESI and a detailed examination of scan technology. Typical scans and use scenarios are illustrated.
  • Report Analysis: Staff is trained to apply Lumeta reports, interpret resulting data, and prepare actionable next steps. Reports covered include executive summaries and a scorecard.
  • User Certification: Instruction is provided on using the IPsonar/ESI interface, configuring scans, visualizing and analyzing data, and preparing reports. Courses are also available to educate staff about network situational awareness best practices and methodologies.

For more information on training, or to design a custom program for your organization, please contact your Account Manager today.