lumeta_spectre_iotv4Don’t Buy Into The IoT Security Hype!

The Internet of Things (IoT) is disrupting the thinking of what is actually networked. Its enabling greater centralized control and management over more and more services. A category of IoT is focused squarely on enabling Industrial Control Systems (ICS) associated with manufacturing and utilities to take advantage of IP-based networking.

Unfortunately, the caveat is that when we move to non-proprietary communication and network technologies for these systems and use more off-the-shelf commercial operating systems, we also expose them to additional cyber risk. In cases where we have separation of IT and OT Networks, that separation is less distinct and the walls that were in place are much more porous leaving them vulnerable to data leakage, malware transmissions, and segmentation violations. Vendors that claim device profiling or deep protocol knowledge or machine learning are many years out from offering real value versus today’s real threats.

Lumeta brings organizations concerned about IoT and ICS infrastructure Cyber Situational Awareness by providing unmatched real-time network visibility, context, breach and segmentation analytics to understand changes to infrastructure in real-time, segmentation violations and dangerous leak paths between IT and OT environments but also to the Internet.

Lumeta has won the Frost and Sullivan 2018 Innovation Award for IoT Cybersecurity. To see the full report and learn more about Lumeta Spectre can help you achieve better IoT security and lower overall risk, click HERE!




To learn more about common blind spots in stopping attackers and other challenges with securing IoT/ICS infrastructure, download the Lumeta White Paper: Going beyond the IoT/ICS Security Hype To Achieve True Visibility and Security.To learn more about how Lumeta Spectre avoids the IoT Security hype to help your organization today, download our datasheet HERE! and to request a sales person to contact you, go HERE! We also have this informative infographic to help you navigate today’s challenges and how we can help you immediately to secure your IoT/ICS infrastructure.