The Lumeta Spectre (formerly ESI) portal enables you to gather and centralize insights from multiple Lumeta Spectre Command Centers and stay apprised of their operational status. Using it, you can view the geographical position of Command Centers and know immediately when a priority event has occurred in a network associated with your ESI infrastructure. Portal users can also view the dashboards, maps, reports, and device details for any deployed Command Center.

Priority notifications for a particular Command Center will appear in real time on the Portal. The number and severity of notifications issues at the Command Center level are transmitted to the Portal and displayed in beaconing and badge indicators on its map. Notification details also display below the map. The Notifications table provides details on the 50 most-recent ALERT, WARN and ALERT level notifications issued by all of your Command Centers.

The Portal stays continuously in sync with the Command Centers and communication between the two occurs securely over TCP port 443 using HTTPS with SSL encryption.

The Lumeta Spectre Portal shares the same code base, operating system, support libraries, and versioning as Lumeta Spectre Command Centers and Lumeta Spectre Scouts and are intended to be used together.

Lumeta ESI Portal - map