Frost and Sullivan WP: Lumeta and McAfee Integration Eliminates Blind Spots in Network and Endpoint Infrastructure

January 31, 2018 11:50 am

According to Frost & Sullivan, “The strength of Lumeta Spectre is the combination of visibility, historical context, and analytics used to detect anomalous behavior and threat detection.” The report praises the Lumeta and McAfee integration with improving visibility, enhancing threat detection and strengthening the overall security posture of a network through each of the four phases of the Incident Detection and Response (IDR) lifecycle: preparation; detection and analysis; containment, eradication and recovery; and post-incident recovery.

Check out Frost & Sullivan’s white paper to learn how Lumeta Spectre in integration with McAfee technology empowers network security practitioners to do more with the limited resources they have.

To download the report, please visit HERE!