Don’t Leave a Black Hole in Your IoT (ICS) Security

July 21, 2017 4:36 pm iot-webinar-july-2017

We’ve seen recent attacks like WannaCry and Petya sweep the globe like a pandemic. No industry is safe – with companies in manufacturing, utilities, pharma, retail and healthcare affected. We’re still seeing the effects of WannaCry months after it first appeared. In late June, automaker Honda Motor Co. had to halt vehicle production after the ransomware virus. After falling victim to the ransomware strain Petya, Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine had to switch to manual radiation monitoring as a result of the attack.

Industrial control system (ICS) attacks within Internet of Things (IoT) are becoming a regular occurrence. According to Kaspersky Labs, 67 percent of companies with critical infrastructure suffered at least on attack in the past 12 months. And confidence appears low in vendors’ ability to prevent this success rate. Seventy-eight percent of companies expect a successful exploit of their ICS/SCADA systems within the next two years.

We hosted a webinar last Thursday, which took a look at the IoT threat landscape for ICS. We examined some common security challenges for IoT, including lower cost devices rarely having security built in, a lack of patches available for legacy systems running an off-the-shelf operating systems (OS) and the variety and complexity of legacy systems creating challenges for endpoint. The skills gap compounds these challenges – creating a need for better security monitoring tools, analytics and automation to help bridge that gap.

We offered several technical IoT defense strategies for securing your organization’s network in today’s IoT environment, including:

  • Identify new network assets at the security operations center (SOC), ensuring correct patch-level and endpoint protection is in place
  • View multiple zones (e.g., IT, OT, cloud) from a single pane
  • Identify unauthorized network paths in real-time (both to and from IT and OT networks, and to and from the OT network and the internet)
  • Identify segmentation violations across the OT environment
  • Determine if cyber controls are preventing malware call back, command and control channels and data exfiltration

With ICS attacks on the rise, real-time cyber situational awareness of IoT devices is needed across multiple platforms, operating systems and technologies. Lumeta Spectre is the only product that combines discovery, visibility and threat intelligence – finding and eliminating blind spots in real-time.

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