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Security and the Cloud

Network and security operations teams have less visibility and knowledge about how cloud activities initiated by business users are impacting overall enterprise network topology and risk to any critical data that rides on the cloud.

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Network Security Horror Stories

Our customers have had some interesting discoveries on their networks. All names have been changed to protect the innocent (or are they guilty?!!), but here are some real life network security horror stories.

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Find Deprecated SSL Certificates in Your Network

In case you missed it (and it's been kind of easy to miss), there's an industry-wide move afoot to deprecate less secure SSL certificates. Fortunately, Lumeta IPsonar can help you discover all of the certificates on your network regardless of who issues them.

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Rise in SNMP DDoS Attacks

DDoS Attacks: Lumeta can help identify any network vulnerabilities in this area and prevent devices from participating in these types of attacks.

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