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Complex Network

Do you really know your network? Really?

Really dig in there and determine the extent of the network. Identify exactly what comprises it, including any connections to external networks. ... Now that you have full comprehension of the network architecture, don’t forget to take steps to delve into the segmentation policies of your network.

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Bringing Shadow IT Out of the Shadows

It is essential that the CIO be aware of any increased risk profile that rogue resources pose to the overall data and intellectual property (IP) of the organization.

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The solution to the "boom"!

The Internet is full of objects and appliances with embedded sensors and chips capable of communicating online. This will result in 50 billion devices being connected to the Internet by 2020.

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State of the Network

The state of the network is … complex and possibly insecure. There are many reasons to step up the security of today’s networks, such as: Defensive cyber warfare for governments; Cyber theft and fraud prevention for banking and financial services organizations; Protecting intellectual property for high tech, manufacturing, oil & gas, media and many others; Privacy of PHI (protected health information) for healthcare and health insurance ...

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Security and the Cloud

Network and security operations teams have less visibility and knowledge about how cloud activities initiated by business users are impacting overall enterprise network topology and risk to any critical data that rides on the cloud.

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Network Security Horror Stories

Our customers have had some interesting discoveries on their networks. All names have been changed to protect the innocent (or are they guilty?!!), but here are some real life network security horror stories.

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