Exclusive: Lumeta’s new channel chief to weather ‘foggy’ security space

October 17, 2017 1:21 pm

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Lumeta has announced today a new director of North American channels in Paul Kriksciun, who tells Channelnomics he has eyes on navigating the flooded security vendor landscape.

The Somerset, New Jersey-based vendor makes what it calls a cyber situational awareness tool, Lumeta Spectre, which is available through the channel. Kriksciun will be charged with development, strategy and execution of programs in order to drive Lumeta’s channel business.

In an interview with Channelnomics, the newly appointed Lumeta executive said his biggest challenge in taking on the role will be a security market that is both “crowded” and “foggy”. He claimed, however, Lumeta Spectre’s ability to enable visibility, context and detection into networks will allow the vendor to stand out.

“We really don’t have any direct competition based on our approach and value, but we since we are targeting the same customers, the challenge is getting that message across in the sea of vendors that leverage our same wording,” he told Channelnomics.

Kriksciun said he looking to add five new channel partners in the U.S. and two in Canada. He noted that in 2018, the vendor plans to expand further by adding one partner in Mexico and another in Brazil.

Lumeta currently has 15 U.S. and Canada-based channel partners.

And for that channel, the biggest challenge is spreading awareness of the need for Lumeta Spectre, Kriksciun said.

“Once partners and prospects see what we do, they understand the value Lumeta offers to a customer’s complete security strategy, which leads to them spreading awareness and turning prospects into customers,” he said.

In addition to working with traditional VARs, Lumeta partners with managed security services providers (MSSPs), a channel partner Kriksciun noted is today challenged by articulating the ongoing results it is able to provide.

“Emphasis on results shifts the discussion from product to strategic business transformation,” the exec explained. “As a related challenge, MSSPs can struggle to offer enterprises enough visibility and confidence that they can safely manage some or all of their security practice. Ongoing results, along with transparency, can strengthen the relationship between provider and client and improve overall security.”

Kriksciun comes to Lumeta from Carbon Black, where he ran the security vendor’s East and Federal Channel Programs. Before working at Carbon Black, the exec was the channel field marketing director at Extreme Networks.

“Both companies taught me different but very important lessons,” Kriksciun told Channelnomics.

“Extreme taught me that a superior customer experience is the most important thing you can deliver, and that you should view you partners as customers and treat them with the same mindset.

“Carbon Black taught me that when it comes to channel programs, simple is better and that a clear message is the best message.”