IPsonar implemented in BT Showcase

September 30, 2013 9:00 am

BT SHOWCASE presentation suite

IPsonar implemented in BT Showcase

Lumeta’s product suite a component of BT Assure security & risk management

Somerset, NJ – September 30, 2013 Lumeta Corporation, the pioneer in network discovery, visualization and network leak detection solutions, today announced that its IPsonar product was implemented into the BT Showcase Centre in London.  IPsonar provides visibility into every IP asset, host, node and connection on a network providing foundational intelligence for security, compliance and risk management.  In the Showcase, IPsonar is used to discover the global Showcase network – discovering every network connection and device – as a demonstration of its capabilities in how customers would implement IPsonar into their own network environment.

IPsonar is part of the BT Assure solution area within the Showcase, which includes robust security and risk management products that add security and resilience to organizations.  BT Assure includes a multitude of integrated best of breed products that manage security risk within an organization.

Just a few of the many technical capabilities in BT Assure are:

  • Network discovery: Uncovering the true topology and boundary of the network by scanning for all connected devices and networks, and analysis of routing and flow data.
  • Anomaly detection: Identifying potential vulnerabilities by detecting differences between the expected network topology and that which is actually discovered.
  • Vulnerability analysis: Enabling the active profiling of devices connected to the network, and the identification of known vulnerabilities and configuration issues within those devices.
  • Risk management: Integrating the information gathered through network discovery and vulnerability analysis to calculate and visually model the risk to defined business priorities – facilitating proactive mitigation actions to decrease the risk of vulnerabilities in, and threats to, the network and connected devices.
  • Reporting: Combining and integrating data from all of the above capabilities (in a single central portal) enabling full situational awareness.

“In today’s world of complex and ever-increasing cyber threats, you need to be prepared,” said David Lennon, Director of Client Services at Lumeta. “IPsonar as part of the BT Assure solution can help you gain comprehensive network visibility and proactively secure your critical assets.”

BT Global Services is a global leader in managed networked IT infrastructure services, operating in the converged markets of computing, IT and communications. Its BT Showcase Centres provide an engaging way to experience network and security solutions. The capabilities include the latest equipment, applications and solutions, and provide a mixed vendor environment. The Showcases are a state of the art facility enabling customers to interact directly with innovative technologies. BT simplifies selection and procurement processes associated with identifying, designing, and implementing enterprise-wide technology solutions by providing a single source for expertise, support, and solutions.

The Showcase in London is networked with BT’s Showcase Centres in the rest of the world – any demonstration that runs at this Showcase can be delivered to 7 other global BT Showcase Centres (Beijing, Hong Kong, New Delhi, New York, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney).

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About Lumeta Corporation

Lumeta’s IPsonar® product suite is the most widely deployed real-time network discovery solution for large enterprise and government.  This patented technology discovers and maps every IP connected device on a network, including inbound and outbound leaks, giving executive management a clear, comprehensive view of cyber-threat risks and policy violations arising from network change.  IPsonar provides foundational intelligence required to make decisions impacting security, compliance and availability.  It delivers an efficient and cost-effective process to streamline network consolidation (M&A) projects, as well as addresses today’s security initiatives associated with BYOD, Mobility, Cloud, Outsourcing, SDN, Access Control and Big Data which increase the complexity of a network and compromise traditional security defenses.  IPsonar optimizes other network and security product investments with accurate and fact-based network intelligence.  Headquartered in Somerset, New Jersey, Lumeta has operations throughout the world. More information is available at www.lumeta.com



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