Lumeta Announces Availability of IPsonar 6.0 Network Situational Awareness Software

July 31, 2014 9:00 am

Lumeta Announces Availability of IPsonar 6.0 Network Situational Awareness Software

Find What You’ve Been Missing on Your Network With a 30-Day No-Cost Trial of IPsonar

Somerset, NJ – July 31, 2014 – Lumeta Corporation, the leader in network situational awareness, today announced the general availability of Lumeta IPsonar 6.0, adding several enhancements to speed network crawling/search functions and refine the reporting and analysis of results. Lumeta also announced the availability of a complimentary 30-day trial offer for IPsonar software. The software is available at no charge to help organizations familiarize themselves with the Lumeta technology and more easily evaluate how IPsonar can provide comprehensive visibility into all network connections and networked devices.

IPsonar provides a comprehensive view of an organization’s network infrastructure. It discovers network connections, hosts, devices and leak paths, along with visualization and analytics to produce network situational awareness. IPsonar provides foundational network intelligence that can also be used to maximize the value of existing IT investments, such as a SIEM or vulnerability management solution.

You can’t defend what you don’t know, and it only takes one unknown to introduce risk to a network. The first critical step in any network security program is to have complete visibility of every connection and device on your network. This is a requirement mandated in the SANS Top 20 Critical Security Controls, U.S. DHS Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation, NIST Cyber Security Framework, Protective Monitoring – Good Practice Guide 13 (GPG13), and several other industry standards and regulatory compliance directives. Network situational awareness is the foundation of IT security and closes the gap in network visibility.

“Companies today are challenged with protecting against attacks, safeguarding customer data and corporate intellectual property, and complying with industry regulations. But many organizations do not have a true sense of all that is on their network … too often it’s the case that there is a huge gap in network visibility, often 20% or more” said Reggie Best, chief product officer for Lumeta. “By using IPsonar to discover the hidden infrastructure and unknown vulnerabilities, organizations can close that gap and better protect their network.”

Many network security tools, such as vulnerability scanners, include a discovery component as part of their overall software, but the discovery is not comprehensive because it relies on the manual input of a known or assumed list of network devices. IPsonar provides automated, comprehensive network crawling of all connections, devices, and leak paths on a network. The IPsonar data can then be ingested by vulnerability scanners (and SIEM, NAC, etc.) so their effectiveness can be maximized.

“Lumeta IPsonar 6.0 has received considerable attention from our development team,” said Joe Sorial, director of product management at Lumeta. “There are a number of new features, as well as a variety of enhancements that improve performance and reflect our ongoing commitment to enrich the user experience.”

New in IPsonar 6.0:

  • Operating System. IPsonar 6.0 was rebuilt on a new operating system, CentOS (Community Enterprise Operating System), an enterprise class OS based on the Linux framework – renowned for its stability, security, speed and reliability.
  • Scan Wizard. The Scan Wizard is a new tool for setting up network scans – it walks IT administrators through the configuration process. The Scan Wizard has a streamlined interface and incorporates customers’ most frequently selected scan configuration options to get users up and running faster.
  • Common Event Format (CEF) Alerts. Now users can opt to transmit IPsonar syslog output in a generic format or CEF. CEF enables easy integration with any SIEM system already running on an organization’s network. The comprehensive intelligence gathered from IPsonar maximizes the effectiveness of a SIEM system.
  • Email Alerts. Receive email alerts on events that meet or exceed your severity tolerance threshold. IT administrators can choose to receive alerts in a twice-daily digest form or individually, as they occur in near real time – empowering users to respond immediately to incidents and vulnerabilities.
  • Reporting Enhancements. Enhancements include expedited generation of scan reports from SNMP-collected data, improved report search options, and a simplified view of search results sets to assist with comparative reporting and trend analysis.
  • Lumeta Network Index (LNI). New reports have been added to enhance analytics of key Lumeta Network Index factors.
  • Device Profiles Library. The profiles and patterns used to identify new devices and operating systems have been updated.

The product documentation has been completely refreshed for this latest version of IPsonar, and is now browser-based with an extensive search facility.

Pricing and Availability

IPsonar 6.0 is generally available today. It is sold as an annual subscription – hosted in either the client’s VMware infrastructure or in the Lumeta Cloud – starting at $6101 per year (including Standard Maintenance & Support). IPsonar is also available as a perpetual software license, deployed as a VMware virtual machine image or hardware appliance.

To learn more about IPsonar, please visit:

No-Cost Trial for 30 Days

Try IPsonar 6.0 in your own network and find the “hidden infrastructure” you’ve been missing. Lumeta is offering a complimentary 30-day trial offer for the IPsonar software. The software is available at no charge to help organizations familiarize themselves with the technology and more easily evaluate how IPsonar can provide comprehensive visibility into all network connections and networked devices.

During the trial, users will have access to IPsonar as a virtual machine (Report Server with embedded Sensor) within their infrastructure for 30 days and an unlimited IP license to discover all network and devices within the visibility to the area in which the virtual machine resides. The current trial software is for use within VMware infrastructure only. The Lumeta customer-care team provides support throughout the trial period.

The software can seamlessly transition to production use during or after the trial period ends.

To request a no-cost 30-day trial of Lumeta IPsonar, please click here.

About Lumeta Corporation

Lumeta’s network situational awareness solutions identify and map every IP connected device on a network and discover inbound and outbound leak paths, giving IT management a clear, comprehensive assessment of network vulnerabilities, cyber-threat risks and policy violations from network edge to core. Lumeta provides foundational intelligence required to make decisions impacting security, compliance and availability. Lumeta’s products optimize other network and security product investments with accurate and fact-based network intelligence. Lumeta addresses today’s security initiatives associated with BYOD, Mobility, Cloud, Outsourcing, SDN, Access Control and Big Data which increase the complexity of a network and compromise traditional security defenses. Headquartered in Somerset, New Jersey, Lumeta has operations throughout the world. More information is available at

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