Lumeta Announces IPsonar ESI, a Continuous Security Monitoring Solution

June 10, 2013 9:00 am

Lumeta Announces IPsonar ESI, a Continuous Security Monitoring Solution

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit  – June 10, 2013Lumeta Corporation, the pioneer in network discovery, visualization and network leak detection solutions, today at the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit announced the addition of IPsonar ESI to its product suite.  IPsonar ESI’s continuous monitoring provides organizations with a foundational, up-to-date security status in the form of real-time reporting that can be used to make immediate, cost-effective, risk-based decisions about their critical assets.

IPsonar ESI (Enterprise Security Intelligence) provides cyber situational awareness by using a unique hybrid technique of active discovery and passive data collection to produce comprehensive network visibility. The result is a real-time topology map of the routed infrastructure of the entire network as one single integrated system. This hybrid approach detects new devices and paths on the network, visualizing the routes as they appear and highlighting newly attached network devices. The real-time network discovery offered through passive techniques is continuously tuned by what the active discovery component probes on the network, ensuring 100% network visibility and continuous monitoring of network changes.

In the public sector, OMB and NIST mandates and policies require continuous monitoring. While in the commercial sector Payment Card Industry Standards (PCI), data breach laws, and regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley have requirements for continuous or regular monitoring of security controls. While details of the mandates and regulations differ, they share common policy requirements pertaining to the need to continuously monitor that security controls are operating as expected, and that boundaries around sensitive network data are secured.

Unequaled in the industry, IPsonar ESI’s multi-source discovery methodology brings together active discovery (scanning), passive discovery (listening), and targeted system inquiries (credential-based device profiling) to create a comprehensive, always-on view of a network and real-time changes to that network.  The IPsonar ESI discovery techniques include:

  1. Discover the Network:Map the entire network, discover all networks and connections, and also define the network perimeter, partner connections, and cloud connectivity.
  2. Discover the Hosts:Take a census of all active devices (including IPv6 enabled network devices) attached to the network and find “stealthy” devices.
  3. Profile Devices:Identify rogue devices or those that are out of policy.
  4. Discover Network Leaks:Use Lumeta’s patented discovery techniques to reveal unauthorized connections between a network and another network, sub-net, or the Internet, and determine whether access is outbound, inbound or both.

Just a few of the key features of IPsonar ESI are:

  • IPv6 Support. As organizations deploy IPv6, they can test the security posture of IPv6 devices to make sure they are properly configured and to detect possible vulnerabilities – to ensure that IPv6 traffic doesn’t reach unintended recipients.
  • Interactive, Dynamic Mapping. IPsonar ESI provides a comprehensive, real-time network map enabling global visibility across the enterprise – from high-level to specific devices (enhanced device attributes provide quick access to node details, directly in the context of the network map). It also provides next-generation reporting with executive-level dashboards, compliance and anomaly alerting, and comparative reporting to quickly identify changes or differences in the network and understand trends within the network infrastructure.
  • Extensibility of Foundational Intelligence. IPsonar ESI offers flexible integration to third-party products – so they can use and benefit from the IPsonar foundational intelligence, enhancing the value of an organization’s investment in those products. An open API provides simplified integration options to IPsonar ESI’s rich, salient data. This extends analytical capabilities, adding unique IPsonar ESI findings and enhanced baseline data to enable organizations to fully understand their IT environment.

“With the exponential increase in numbers of connected devices (BYOD), distributed management environments (such as cloud computing) and changing threat landscapes, it’s an ever increasing challenge to get a true assessment of IT risk and security effectiveness,” said Michael Markulec, President & CTO of Lumeta. “IPsonar ESI’s continuous monitoring and comprehensive cyber situational awareness represent the foundation for proactive network security.”

Lumeta will showcase IPsonar ESI this week at the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit, in booth #68.

General availability for IPsonar ESI is October 1, 2013.


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