Lumeta Debuts Specialized Leak Path Monitoring Capabilities

February 15, 2018 10:21 am

Advancements to Lumeta Spectre Platform Detect and Protect Organizations from the Most Commonly Missed Attack Vector

Lumeta Corporation today announced a new addition to the Lumeta Spectre product family, with the delivery of Spectre for Leak Path Monitoring. This new platform now provides complete real-time visibility and network context across the entire infrastructure dedicated to identifying existing and new leak paths, whether due to misconfigurations or malicious activity.

Research by Lumeta determined that over 40 percent of today’s dynamic networks, endpoints, cloud infrastructure are unknown, unmanaged, rogue or participating in shadow IT, leading to significant infrastructure blind spots and network leaks by enterprise and government departments alike. In most cases, these blind spots are due to organizations’ lack of a comprehensive understanding of the entire network infrastructure, resulting in undetected vulnerabilities like leak paths.

Lumeta Spectre for Leak Path Monitoring advances the company’s vision of enabling real-time networking monitoring and the ability for security teams to identify and shut down one of the most common sets of unaddressed threat vectors, all segmentation violations and leak paths. Key features of Lumeta Spectre for Leak Path Monitoring include:

  • View changes to your network in real-time. Monitor today’s dynamic network and cloud infrastructure with real-time understanding of any changes.
  • Real-time detection for existing and new leak paths. Identify both existing leak paths, and new leak paths as they are created.
  • Ability to work across any environment. Apply security intelligence and capabilities across any network, dynamic edge, or cloud.
  • Protect and optimize the segmentation of sensitive areas of the network and critical infrastructure. Lumeta helps customers validate segmentation policies, allowing them to control authorized user access, while guarding against malicious users trying to access sensitive resources.

“Today’s dynamic infrastructures and interconnected networks are constantly changing, leading to new security vulnerabilities that often go undetected by IT and security professionals who are busy trying to secure an ever-changing network landscape,” said Pat Donnellan, chief executive officer at Lumeta. “We have fortified the Lumeta Spectre to help customers guard against the most common type of attack: leak paths. The platform’s best-of-breed security intelligence helps mitigate blind spots and identify threats in any environment as they happen.”

Find out more about Lumeta Spectre for Leak Path Monitoring by visiting

To learn more about leaks paths and other common network blind spots, download the Lumeta whitepaper, “The Universal Gap in Preventing Breaches: Leak Path Detection and Mitigation.”

About Lumeta
Lumeta delivers real-time cyber situational awareness that quickly and effectively identifies and remediates threats before a breach impacts an organization. The company’s cyber situational awareness platform, Lumeta® Spectre, reduces the risk to companies by streamlining network response and change, and adding security intelligence to dynamic network elements, endpoints, virtual machines, cloud-based infrastructure, policies and segmentation changes. Lumeta complements and optimizes existing network and security product investments by feeding them accurate, comprehensive network intelligence. Headquartered in Somerset, New Jersey, Lumeta has operations and clients throughout the world. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter at @Lumeta.