Lumeta ESI 3.2 for Real-Time Network Visibility Now Available

October 13, 2016 10:00 am

Lumeta ESI 3.2 for Real-Time Network Visibility Now Available

Includes Cisco pxGrid Integration and features for Financial Institutions Affected by OCC & FFIEC Cybersecurity Monitoring


Somerset, NJ – October 13, 2016 Lumeta Corporation, the leader in network situational awareness, today announced the general availability of Lumeta ESI 3.2, the latest version of the company’s flagship platform for real-time network visibility, delivering breach detection, network infrastructure analytics and network segmentation analytics. New features available in Lumeta ESI 3.2 include a feature kit for OCC & FFIEC cybersecurity analysis and support for Cisco pxGrid for integration with Cisco ISE and proactive orchestration of network infrastructure security anomalies.


OCC/FFIEC feature kit:

Cybersecurity is increasingly a top priority for the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC).  And that means U.S. national banks, federal savings associations, and federal branches and agencies should be prepared for heightened focus by OCC examiners in this critical area. The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) has issued a Cybersecurity Assessment Tool (the Assessment) that institutions may use to evaluate their risks and cybersecurity preparedness. OCC examiners will incorporate the Assessment into examinations of banking institutions of all sizes, including community banks.

Lumeta ESI provides real-time network visibility and breach detection that enable banks and other financial institutions to self-identify network infrastructure security concerns – before an OCC examiner finds them. Lumeta ESI monitors the network infrastructure in real time (including unknown networks and the ‘edge’ of a managed network) in order to identify devices joining and leaving the network and possible segmentation leak paths.

In addition, as companies broaden their breach detection capabilities, all of the real-time network metadata collected by Lumeta ESI can be fed into a Splunk or Hadoop-based enterprise security data lake.

Developed in conjunction with OCC-regulated clients, Lumeta ESI now includes the following features to assist with assessing risk and cybersecurity preparedness:

  • New Dashboards and Reports – Lumeta ESI dashboards have been re-organized to highlight prominent use cases and analytics including real-time changes to the dynamic network edge, identification of rogue networks and devices, breach detection, endpoint management and threat response and core network indices. Lumeta ESI 3.2 now includes the following reports:
    • Non-Responding Network Report – Quickly identifies networks that are unresponsive or have become unresponsive. Displays all of the unique last hops for each IP address of interest.
    • Routing Loop Report – Identifies routing loops that result in network inefficiencies and provides the length of each routing loop, lists devices in the loop, and provides a time stamp indicating when the loop was last discovered.
    • Opaque Devices Report – Itemizes passively discovered (i.e., OSPF, BGP, Broadcast), but otherwise unresponsive IP addresses, known as opaque.
    • BGP Scanner History Report – Provides the connection status (e.g., OK, Fail) of all Lumeta ESI BGP peers.
  • Two-factor authentication – Support via a RADIUS server, provides centralized authentication and authorization services.
  • Monitoring via SNMP – Allows Lumeta ESI components to be actively monitored using SNMP management and monitoring systems.


Cisco Platform Exchange Grid (pxGrid) Integration:

Cisco pxGrid is a massively scalable and customizable framework used by security and IT platforms to integrate with and share relevant contextual information, and orchestrate remediation actions (e.g., kill attacks, contain threats) in concert with other platforms. Cisco platforms can exchange information with ecosystem partners to create use case focused product integrations within the Cisco Security Technical Alliance Program.

The initial use case for Lumeta ESI and Cisco pxGrid is to provide real-time network infrastructure metadata to Cisco pxGrid ecosystem via Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) to enable faster breach detection.

“The cybersecurity threat landscape is too big for any single vendor to confront. Individual products are vastly more effective in fending off cyber threats when sharing data and intelligence,” said Reggie Best, chief product and marketing officer for Lumeta. “This new Cisco pxGrid integration continues our work on technology integrations allowing Lumeta to provide a foundation for ecosystem partner solutions that work together to detect and stop threats faster.”


Availability & Pricing

Lumeta ESI 3.2 is available now. It is sold as a subscription offering – hosted in either the client’s VMware or AWS infrastructure – starting at USD $2,000 per month (including Standard Maintenance & Support).

The Cisco integration is built-in to Lumeta ESI 3.2. It is available now at no additional cost to Lumeta ESI customers.

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About Lumeta

Lumeta’s network situational awareness platform is the authoritative source for enterprise network infrastructure and cybersecurity analytics. Available for both real-time monitoring and point-in-time auditing, Lumeta recursively indexes a network to identify and map every IP connected device, as well as uncover network segmentation violations and cybersecurity anomalies. For cybersecurity breach prevention and detection, threat intelligence is made actionable by utilizing the Lumeta platform to correlate a comprehensive index of IP address space against known threats. The foundational intelligence provided by Lumeta complements and optimizes existing network and security product investments by feeding them accurate, comprehensive network intelligence. Headquartered in Somerset, New Jersey, Lumeta has operations and clients throughout the world. More information is available at


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