Lumeta ESI Earns World Class Award for Network Situational Awareness from Network Testing Labs

March 31, 2015 9:00 am

Network Testing Labs World Class Award

Lumeta ESI Earns World Class Award for Network Situational Awareness from Network Testing Labs

Lumeta Bests Tenable for Discovery, Performance, and Ease of Use in Comparative Review


Somerset, NJ – March 31, 2015 Lumeta Corporation today announced that its Lumeta ESI (Enterprise Situational Intelligence) platform has won the World Class Award for best network situational awareness product from Network Testing Labs. In comparative tests against Tenable Network Security’s Nessus Enterprise 6.1, Lumeta ESI 2.1’s superior device discovery, leak path detection and comprehensive reports earned it top honors in the review. Network Testing Labs recognized Lumeta ESI with an “A-” overall score. A complete copy of the testing review is available here.

Barry Nance of Network Testing Labs commented: “You’re flying blind if you don’t have Lumeta ESI watching your network. It reliably detects real-time network architecture, network segmentation and cybersecurity anomalies that will cause your network unsuspected harm.”


Lumeta ESI accurately discovered, in real-time, every endpoint, device and route – including IPv6-enabled devices and IPv6 network paths. The review showed that ESI’s device discovery was more accurate than that of Nessus Enterprise, stating “ESI was especially effective at identifying transient mobile devices on the perimeter of our network.”

ESI’s discovery of leak paths was a unique feature that further set it apart from Nessus Enterprise. “ESI unerringly alerted us to network paths and connections that inadvertently gave hackers access to our network’s sensitive data. We concluded that this one feature alone made Lumeta ESI worth buying.”

“Interestingly, we were able to use the results of ESI’s discovery to tell Nessus Enterprise and the Passive Vulnerability Scanner about the farther reaches of our network. The synergistic combination of Lumeta ESI and Tenable Nessus Enterprise gave us the best of both worlds … ESI’s accurate device and node discovery plus ESI’s own reports, blended with Nessus Enterprise’s compliance reports and Nessus Enterprise’s malware detection. In fact, we found Nessus Enterprise and the Passive Vulnerability Scanner to be accurately and reliably useful only when used in conjunction with ESI.”

“Lumeta ESI correctly mapped all subnets and connections to reveal our network’s perimeters, including previously unknown (i.e., undocumented) sections of the network. It also identified partner connections and cloud links. ESI also excelled at identifying newly-created virtual machines. Just as quickly as we initiated a new VM, ESI reported its existence to us.”


Overall, the review said that Lumeta ESI was “far more frugal than Tenable Nessus Enterprise in its use of the network. Lumeta ESI’s rather intelligent Passive Discovery technology caused absolutely no network traffic whatsoever, and its Active Discovery’s network utilization was only 2%. Tenable Nessus Enterprise’s scanners caused four times as much network traffic – 8% – yet discovered fewer devices.”


Ease of Use

Set up, configuration and management via ESI’s interface was “intuitive and easily-navigated process, in contrast with the Nessus Enterprise /PVS/SecurityCenter interface.”

The review declares “ESI’s real-time, always-up-to-date, zone-based network map is exactly what a network administrator needs to see when he or she is watching for rogue mobile devices joining or leaving the network. The ESI network map also helps administrators intuitively and clearly understand the network’s breadth of devices, connections and configurations.”


Reggie Best, chief product officer at Lumeta said, “These test results demonstrate that Lumeta ESI provides superior network situational awareness, a necessity in protecting critical assets within highly dynamic enterprise networks. Network Testing Labs validates that network security products with ‘standard’ discovery are no match for the comprehensive network and cybersecurity indexing methodologies we’ve developed in Lumeta ESI.”


About Network Testing Labs

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About the Author

Barry Nance is a networking expert, magazine columnist, book author and application architect. He has more than 29 years’ experience with IT technologies, methodologies and products. Over the past dozen years, working on behalf of Network Testing Labs, he has evaluated thousands of hardware and software products for ComputerWorld, Government Computer News, PC Magazine, Network Computing, Network World and many other publications. He’s authored thousands of magazine articles as well as popular books such as Introduction to Networking (4th Edition), Network Programming in C and Client/Server LAN Programming. He’s also designed successful e-commerce Web-based applications, created database and network benchmark tools, written a variety of network diagnostic software utilities and developed a number of special-purpose networking protocols.

About Lumeta Corporation

Lumeta’s network situational awareness platform is the authoritative source for enterprise network infrastructure and cybersecurity analytics. Available for both real-time monitoring and point-in-time auditing, Lumeta recursively indexes a network to identify and map every IP connected device, as well as uncover inbound and outbound leak paths. The foundational intelligence provided by Lumeta gives IT management a clear, comprehensive assessment of network vulnerabilities, cyber threat risks and policy violations from network edge to core, allowing for decision making impacting security, compliance and availability.  Lumeta’s solution addresses today’s security initiatives associated with continuous monitoring, SANS Top 20 Critical Security Controls, virtualized infrastructure including private and public cloud visibility, outsourcing and offshoring, software defined networks (SDN) and big data which increase the complexity of a network and compromise traditional security defenses.  It also delivers an efficient and cost-effective process to streamline network consolidation (M&A) projects. Lumeta optimizes other network and security product investments by feeding them accurate and fact-based network intelligence.  Headquartered in Somerset, New Jersey, Lumeta has operations throughout the world. More information is available at

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