Lumeta Extends Cloud Security Capabilities Through API Integrations with AWS and Microsoft Azure

March 14, 2018 10:58 am

Lumeta Corporation, the authority on providing cyber situational awareness for rapid security response, today announced integrations between Lumeta Spectre and APIs from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure that will offer customers enhanced visibility, meeting the needs of hybrid enterprises operating both on-premises and in the cloud.

Many organizations today run on hybrid environments – with industry research predicting that up to 80 percent of workloads will run on cloud infrastructure by 2024. Enterprises are challenged with gaining visibility into networks and endpoints, including virtual assets within cloud environments. Lumeta’s new integrations with AWS and Azure will offer real-time indexing of cloud assets and active interrogation of cloud instances in order to uncover unknown cloud assets through passive listening. Additionally, Spectre will leverage threat intelligence and NetFlow from the APIs to implement ThreatFlows use cases for breach detection and identify out of policy connections that could indicate L3 leak paths to the internet.

“Many of our customers run at least part of their operations in the cloud, while others are focusing on speeding up their migrations to the cloud,” said Reggie Best, chief product officer, Lumeta. “IT network and security admins have struggled with achieving unified visibility for securing both on-premises and cloud infrastructure. Our new integrations with AWS and Azure will enable our customers to achieve the same level of visibility in the cloud that Lumeta Spectre offers on-premises, creating real-time alerts around changes in either environment.”

These integrations strengthen Lumeta Spectre’s existing cloud capabilities, such as the platform’s integration with Gigamon GigaVue V-Series for Cloud, which enables Spectre to make use of aggregated NetFlow data to provide behavioral analytics and cybersecurity breach detection for real-time monitoring that is optimized for cloud environments

“Enterprises are still struggling with achieving the visibility needed to properly secure both their on-premise and cloud infrastructure,” said Phil Griston, senior director of partner marketing & development, Gigamon. “This is precisely why we partnered with Lumeta—to offer companies an integrated solution that delivers end-to-end security and intelligence that protects any environment.”

Lumeta Spectre’s integrations with AWS and Azure will allow organizations to:

  • Actively monitor across the entire Enterprise VPN to identify new virtual private cloud (VPC) instances and virtual hosts running, eliminating shadow IT;
  • Monitor for unknown virtualized network functions such as forwarders within VPC instances that create L3 leak-paths to the Internet;
  • Eliminate unknown paths from cloud to the internet that may be used to exfiltrate corporate data; and
  • Actively update virtual endpoints in the cloud to allow existing enterprise cyber security tools to see, scan cloud assets for vulnerabilities and assure network protection.

To learn more about Lumeta Spectre’s integrations with Gigamon please visit Lumeta Spectre Cloud Visibility and Security.

Register for an upcoming webinar with Lumeta and Gigamon, “Extending Visibility from On-Premises into the Cloud,” taking place on February 27, 2018 at 11 am EST.

About Lumeta
Lumeta delivers real-time cyber situational awareness that quickly and effectively identifies and remediates threats before a breach impacts an organization. The company’s cyber situational awareness platform, Lumeta® Spectre, reduces the risk to companies by streamlining network response and change, and adding security intelligence to dynamic network elements, endpoints, virtual machines, cloud-based infrastructure, policies and segmentation changes. Lumeta complements and optimizes existing network and security product investments by feeding them accurate, comprehensive network intelligence. Headquartered in Somerset, New Jersey, Lumeta has operations and clients throughout the world. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter at @Lumeta.