Lumeta’s 2017 Cyber Security Year-in-Review and 2018 Predictions

January 25, 2018 11:47 am

To get a replay of our January 25 session please click HERE.

In this replay you and your customers will learn 6 security truths for 2018 with detailed examples across different industries and why they matter:

  • Truth #1: Infrastructure Visibility Blind Spots Are Undermining Security Efforts
  • Truth #2: There is a continuing rise of cloud and containers creating an increased knowledge gap in terms of gaining enterprise-wide cyber situational awareness
  • Truth #3: Successful Ransomware Attacks Are More Preventable Than You Think
  • Truth #4: Existing and New Undetected Leak Paths Enable Most Successful Attacks
  • Truth #5: Today’s IoT Security Promises are 5+ Years Away
  • Truth #6: Vendors Claiming Full/Complete/Total Visibility Are Leaving You EXPOSED to Greater Risk