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Network Situational Awareness Solutions

Network Situational Awareness

Learn how Lumeta's network discovery provides situational awareness of the entire network infrastructure, by elminating the problem of network unknowns.

Network Discovery

Network Discovery goes beyond the known (supplied) address space to identify and inspect all network connections and devices.


The federal enterprise network faces numerous threats from intrusion by unknown foreign entities, and other well-organized and highly-sophisticated threats which are increasingly Internet-based. This threat can be difficult to address because the nature of today's infrastructures are so interconnected, sometimes to entities which we don't control, like partners, outsourcers, research labs, remote offices, secure enclaves -complicate the issue of cybersecurity.

Security of the Cloud

How are you protecting the security of your cloud presence? There is less and less visibility and knowledge about how cloud activities are impacting overall enterprise network topology and risk to any critical data that rides on it. Lumeta can enable virtual machine asset visibility, visualize how cloud infrastructure is altering the network topology and design critical alerts if network segmentation policies are violated.

Enterprise Network Mapping and Leak Detection Solution (ENMLDS)

Lumeta is proud to support the U.S. Government's cybersecurity mission through our work with DISA and the Department of Defense. IPsonar is the selected solution for Enterprise Network Mapping and Leak Detection (ENMLDS).

Network Security Audit

Network defenses are up against a state of constant network change, and growing device counts. Validating that security policies are reality - across headquarters, business units, outsourcing partners, contractors and employee-owned equipment can be complicated. IPsonar's active network discovery and mapping solution offers a solution.

Continuous Monitoring

Comprehensive Network Security Management requires continuous monitoring of the network infrastrucutre. Learn how Lumeta's network discovery supports continuous monitoring requirements.

Continous Diagnostics & Mitigation

Lumeta supports the DHS CDM program by providing government agencies with a real-time, dynamic view of their network infrastructure.

Trusted Computing

Learn more about Lumeta's support of open security standards through our work with the Trusted Computing Group. See IPsonar's Interface for Metadata Access Points (IF-MAP) client, currently shipped with IPsonar, in action.

Mergers & Acquisitions

IPsonar intelligently streamlines the M&A process for both parties, providing global visibility into the combined network infrastructure, reducing security gaps, unaccounted infrastructure costs and eliminating rogue network devices.

SANS 20 Critical Security Controls

The SANS 20 Critical Security Controls are designed to protect your network from unauthorized access and from being exploited by stopping attacks early, stopping multiple attacks, and decreasing the impact of any attacks that are implemented. Lumeta's Network Situational Awareness solutions currently address 7 out of the SANS 20 Critical Security Controls.

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The Exfiltration of Intellectual Property

Cyber Fraud

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