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Cyber Defense

Using Lumeta’s real-time network situational awareness capability to defend governments and critical national infrastructure from cyber attack.

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Mitigating Cyber Theft

Using Lumeta to help protect your network and critical data from theft by criminals and industrial spies.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

IPsonar intelligently streamlines the M&A process, providing global visibility into the combined network infrastructure, reducing security gaps.

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Audit & Compliance

Lumeta provides fact-based audit and compliance reporting, based off of an authoritative index of network devices and connections, to address HIPAA, PCI DSS, and more.

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Securing Personal Health Information

Lumeta enables healthcare organizations to protect their sensitive data by identifying unknown connections, e.g., physician network connections.

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Continuous Diagnostics & Mitigation

Lumeta supports the DHS CDM program by providing government agencies with a real-time, dynamic view of their network infrastructure.

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Cloud Security

How are you protecting the security of your cloud presence? Lumeta ESI provides visibility into the dynamic nature of the cloud in real time and alerts if network segmentation policies are violated.

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Real-Time Breach Detection

Lumeta makes threat intelligence actionable to help organizations stem zombie infections and keep other threats and bad actors in check.

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CIS Critical Security Controls

Lumeta addresses 9 of the CIS CSC to protect your network from unauthorized access and from being exploited.

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Healthcare Cybersecurity Challenges

Data breaches of PHI can cause significant financial and reputational harm to an organization, as well as undermine patient confidence.
In this webinar, Catholic Health Initiatives, Forrester Research and Lumeta discuss the challenges facing today’s healthcare industry and its ecosystem.

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Zombie Hunting

Using threat intelligence, the Lumeta Cyber Threat Probe finds potentially compromised enterprise assets that are malware infected (participating in C2 botnet) or part of blacklists / Dropnets / Shadowserver / attacker lists.

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Foundational Intelligence

Lumeta’s network situational awareness platform delivers foundational intelligence – a critical underpinning for network security Defense in Depth strategies to be truly effective.

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Breach Detection Analytics

  • TCP/UDP port usage violations (RDP, FTP)
  • Outbound access to TOR, command & control botnets
  • Internal use of known Trojan, malware ports
  • Zombie hunting

Network Segmentation Analytics

  • Find any unknown networks
  • Find any non-responding networks
  • Layer 3 leak path violations
  • Layer 2 violations of bridging/forwarding (multi-homed hosts & split tunneling)

Network Infrastructure Analytics

  • Validate and reconcile address space
  • Resolve network edge
  • Authoritative device census, profiling
  • Examine certificates (self-signed, expired)