Network Security Audits

Lumeta validates security compliance management efforts, allowing organizations to:

  • Maintain compliance amid network and regulatory change
  • Optimize vulnerability management and incident response
  • Eliminate audit surprises
  • Gain “fact-based” compliance reporting
  • Show protective measures are in place around sensitive customer & personnel data
  • Provide continuous monitoring
  • Automate audit reporting on network infrastructure

Lumeta discovery processes can be applied to most major regulations including HIPAA, FISMA, SOX, GLBA, PCI, and more.

 — Check out our Solution Brief for FFIEC & OCC Cybersecurity preparedness. —

Lumeta allows users to configure IT policy guidelines in the product. Lumeta produces alerts in real-time, as violations are discovered, for issues such as:

Network-level discovery data

  • Discovered devices
  • Unknown IPs
  • Non-responding networks

I can’t imagine doing an audit without starting with [Lumeta].

– Richard Stiennon, IT Security Analyst, IT-Harvest IT-Harvest-logo


Lumeta aligns with the ISACA approach to auditing network security, particularly the first step – determining the extent of the network. Lumeta will identify exactly what comprises the network, including any connections to external networks.