IT Due Diligence for M&A

Lumeta solutions have been a part of some of the world’s largest mergers and acquisitions.

It can be extremely challenging to complete the hundreds of activities comprising a merger and acquisition (M&A) procedure. Network consolidation initiatives that are not planned or managed appropriately often result in service availability, security, or compliance problems. It is therefore vital that organizations understand all of their network connections and devices. Lumeta solutions intelligently streamlines the M&A process for both parties, providing global visibility into the combined network infrastructure, reducing security gaps, unaccounted infrastructure costs and eliminating rogue network devices.

  • Plan network consolidation using validated facts about devices, services and connections.
  • Map the entire network and how connectivity flows across both networks.
  • Minimize security & compliance risks during transition.
  • Uncover cost savings opportunities.
  • Identify un-managed devices and policy violations.
  • Provide post-merger/consolidation validation.


White Paper

To learn more, please read our white paper “Bringing Better Business Value to Mergers and Acquisitions” discussing how to perform IT due diligence as a critical step to ensure the success of mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.

Download: Lumeta Report: M&A IT Due Diligence