The Internet of Things (IoT) is disrupting the thinking of what is actually networked. Its enabling greater centralized control and management over more and more services. A category of IoT is focused squarely on enabling Industrial Control Systems (ICS) associated with manufacturing and utilities to take advantage of IP-based networking.

Unfortunately, the caveat is that when we move to non-proprietary communication and network technologies for these systems and use more off-the-shelf commercial operating systems, we also expose them to additional cyber risk.

Lumeta brings organizations concerned about IoT and ICS infrastructure Cyber Situational Awareness by providing unmatched real-time network visibility, context, breach and segmentation analytics to dynamic network elements, endpoints, virtual machines and even cloud-based infrastructure that eliminates 100% of the unknown, un-managed, rogue and shadow IT blind spots from the attack surface.  To learn more about common blind spots in stopping attackers and other challenges with securing IoT/ICS infrastructure,  download the Lumeta Solution brief for Securing IoT-ICS and to request a sales person to contact you, go HERE!