Securing PHI

Healthcare organizations face increased liability, fines, as well as audits to demonstrate that Protected Health Information (PHI) is adequately secured.  Properly securing your network and managing HIPAA compliance and the HITECH act, which expands on the HIPAA’s requirements to protect health information within the entire healthcare provider ecosystem, can be daunting.

Data breaches can cause significant financial and reputational harm to an organization as well as undermine patient confidence. Unfortunately, data breaches of PHI continue to occur. A total of 804 large breaches of protected health information (PHI) affecting over 29.2 million patient records have been reported to the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) since the HITECH Act went into effect.

Lumeta enables healthcare organizations to better understand and protect the sensitive data on their network by identifying unknown connections, i.e., vendor and physician network connections, mobile devices and rogue network infrastructures.



To learn more, please watch our on-demand webinar “Cyber Security Drivers in Healthcare: Managing HIPAA & HITECH Compliance” with guest speakers from Forrester Research and Catholic Health Initiatives discussing the challenges facing today’s healthcare industry and its ecosystem.